What & How We Buy

What We Buy

At Village Estate Buyers, we offer the highest bids in Central Florida and beyond. While other jewelry buyers only want to purchase large diamonds and ready-to-sell jewelry, we’re happy to give you a price on almost anything you can bring in!

How We Buy

All transactions at Village Estate Buyers are done in front of our customers. Our scales are inspected and calibrated on a yearly basis by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services in order to ensure the highest possible accuracy.

Gold & Silver

When a customer brings in gold or silver items, we perform a standard 3-step acid test. During the 3-step acid test, we will scratch the item on a testing stone, leaving a deposit, and add a special solution to the scratched area. Based on the reaction of the acid with the material, we will be able to determine the quality of the item.

We take every precaution to not damage the items you bring in. However, keep in mind that some heavyweight items may be plated, and in this case we will need to make a deeper notch into the material to get an accurate testing deposit.


For diamond buying, we follow the Gemological Institute of America grading procedures which grade the cut, color, clarity and carat of your diamonds. You can read more about GIA diamond grading here, and learn about different diamond shapes here.


The price that we offer you is what we will pay the same day for items you want to sell. These prices are based off of current buying conditions. Spot prices for gold, silver, and platinum are much like the stock market – they are constantly fluctuating based on the market, and prices are the same around the globe.

How We Pay More

We’re the highest cash buyers for your gold, jewelry, and valuables. We refine gold, silver, and platinum ourselves and we have partnerships with gold, diamond and coin dealers all across the United States. This allows us to lower our costs and give you offers from buyers in major cities like New York, Miami, Dallas, and Beverly Hills.

Plus, most diamond buyers won’t even consider purchasing anything below 1 carat, but we buy diamonds of all shapes, sizes and settings as well as loose diamonds. We’ll make you an offer on anything you bring in!

Private Consultations

We offer private office appointments at our secure location in the middle of The Villages. During our discreet appointment, your jewelry will be valued right in front of you. You’ll be paid immediately and walk out feeling confident that you’ve received the best price. Give us a call at 352-681-4653 to set up a private appointment.